Our professional albums are presented in a contemporary and luxurious design. The wide range and the many custom options allow you to offer your customers albums for every event and occasions ranging from weddings to Birthdays. The vast variety of styles, materials, colours and sizes. Additionally, covers are available variably with metal laser engraving or embossing of names and dates, all ideal for major photographic sessions such as weddings and ceremonies.


Butterfly albums are an alternative option to the photographic paper albums. These albums are printed on the digital offset technology which are much vibrant in picture quality. There are up to 4 differet papers to choose from.


Hinged Bound

Flexbind technology that lays flat
with a micro gutter in the centre.


Press Gloss

Press Pearl


4×5, 5×4, 5×5, 5.5×7, 7×5.5, 8×8, 8×10,
9×14, 10×8, 10×10, 11×14, 12×12.


Minimum 16 Sides

Sides can be in any increment 16 or larger.

Maximum 90 Sides

Sides can be in any increment 90 or smaller.