Frequently Asked Questions


How much will I save if I purchased an album through your website as oppose from a professional photographer?

Anywhere between 50-70% saving


Why are your wedding albums so cheap, is there a catch?

Definitely not, we deal with some of the biggest material suppliers in the world, having built great relationships over the years, we source some of the best materials for a fraction of the cost… thus keeping our wedding album costs down.


How do I order an album?

You can send us your data via we transfer, please follow the link in our design section on our website


What is the turn around time for Only Print and Bind?

Just under 2 weeks, (shipment will be another 4 /5 days.)


Do I get to approve the design?

After the design is completed we will send you the layout of the album and only after your approval we will go ahead with print and bind.


Are your wedding albums similar to what I would purchase from a professional photographer?

Absolutely,    all of our albums are made to the highest standards. Usually a similar album purchased directly from a professional photographer would cost anywhere between £500-£800.


What paper surfaces are available?

Fuji Pro – gloss matte & Lustre and for metallic – Surface Kodak Pro


What is the turn around time for Design Print & Binding

  • 7 to 10 business days.(If you need any albums urgently, please get in touch)
  • 8 to 10 business days, Print and Binding (when approval your design)
  • 4 to 5 business day shipping

What is the shipping method and how much do you charge?

FedEx or DHL, all albums include shipping


How many images should I upload for an album?

  • For 15page/30 sides: 60-80 images
  • For 20page/40 sides: 81-100 images.
  • For 25page/50 sides: 101-130 images.

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